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The solutions to unresolved dilemmas in life are waiting underneath our habitual patterns, in the midst of what we usually overlook, ignore, or don’t want to have. We do this for compelling reasons, so it takes some courage--and trust in your basic goodness--to peek under the rug.

When you say “I” (I am, I do, I want, I think), you’re talking about only a tiny slice of all that you really are. We cling to this thin slice, thinking it’s everything.

Yet it is a distinct advantage to have access to the rest: the wealth of information, simple brilliance, emotional and spiritual capacities, and processing speed of the unconscious body-mind. Tapping this helps you learn new skills in many areas and can bring about a whole new world-view. 

That within ourselves of which we’re NOT aware is so much vaster than the “I” we usually mean--and so creative--that self-awareness is a lifelong, moment-by-moment process of coming to know oneself ever more fully. 


 Resilience in a complex, fast-changing world
 Successful job and career choice
 Effective leadership
 Honesty, integrity
 Negotiating skill
 Motivation to stay the course in love, work, innovation
 Happier love relationships
 Good collaboration with co-workers
 Thriving families that support individual development
 Ability to see things as others see them, while you . . .
 . . . Stay connected to your own experience

 Melt the inner critic, a major source of stress, anxiety, depression
 Authentic self-confidence that values others as well as yourself
 Healthy self-management, cool head in difficult situations
 Feel good in your own skin, worthy, on an even keel
 Live your spiritual values fully in your everyday life
 Know your right-sized place in the big picture

“It’s exciting, you know, to be yourself . . . continuously instead of just having blips of yourself. You are finding

your truth . . . that is personal to you.”

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“In-depth studies of hundreds of workers, in 121 organizations worldwide, found emotional competencies to be twice as important in contributing to excellence as pure intellect and expertise. (p.31)

“Self-awareness is crucial for self-regulation and empathy. Self-regulation and self-awareness contribute to motivation. All are at work in social skills.” (pp. 25-28)

Working With Emotional Intelligence
 Daniel Goleman

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